How To Activate Voot on smart TV

Voot T.V Activate: An Indian app, VOOT T.V is a service-providing system, where you watch many amazing videos that are streaming all over the top. This popular app is available in countries like India, the United state, and the United Kingdom. Voot tv includes the content of the channels like a popular Indian television show that is colours and MTV, and it also includes a cartoon version that is nickelodeon.

It is owned and handled by Viacom 18, launched in 2016. This video streaming platform is mainly popular and used by the Indian audience, so that is why the Voot platform provides different languages of India for watching the shows, that are Indian languages, for different states (for all users), Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu(as per their convenience.)

Voot is a free video streaming service platform till 2020, but it will introduce its paid subscription service in February 2020. It introduces a new patte

The subscription fee that they charge is very affordable for the users that are RS. 99 per month and for the year rs. 999 only. It is affordable and it also provides you easy convenience to watch their shows on many devices, like on tv, android, ios, any browser, and many more. But taking advantage of all these facilities and watching your favorite shows and programs on the big screen, you need to activate Voot tv on your smart tv. But surely many of us find a problem in activating voot tvSo for this problem, I will teach you all the crazy things related to Voot and its activation, so let's start a crazy drive of this blog.

How To Activate Voot  on smart TV

How To Activate Voot T.V On Your Smart T.V?

So let's understand what all steps it takes to activate your Voot tv on your smart tv, so you can easily watch all your favorite shows, movies, web series, cartoons on television.

So let's start;


  1. For streaming online content, you should make sure that the tv we are using is well advanced, and it can be used for online content, and it should be connected to the well-good wifi.
  2. Then go to the home screen of your tv. Click on the play store.
  3.  Type “Voot”, on the search bar, choose the top application; download it
  4. and install it too.
  5. After all the basic procedure is done, click on the START or OPEN button, to get into the Voot application.
  6. Log in to it, fill in all your necessary details. Click on the language that you prefer to watch. If by mistake you choose the wrong language or after some time, you think you need to change a language by your regional language or an official language Hindi, so these all kinds of options are available in settings. So you can modify it any time you want.
  7. And when you are finally done with all these things, shows and programs are visible to watch, and you click on it, there a message box will appear asking for an activation code, before starting any show.
  8. Now visit voot activation, then keep track of activation code, and they simply mention your key code in that. Click on CONTINUE, and now you can watch all your favorite shows on your big screen.
  9. Enjoy the benefits of watching a show one day earlier before its telecast, with your family and friends.

Watching this amazing online platform on your big screen is such an easy task, follow all the above steps and activate your code easily, but also if you find any problem, then go for the reference https://www.tvactivatecode.com/www-voot-com-activate/


There are simple steps for activating Voot tv in almost all kinds of smart tv but still, if you find a problem, I will tell you a clear step for your smart tv. Some smart TVs and their steps for activating Voot tv.

  1. On android t.v.
  2. On Samsung smart t.v.
  3. Apple smart t.v.
  4. Amazon fire smart t.v

How To Activate Voot T.V On Your Smart Android T.V?


Follow the above steps, start by searching for the “VOOT APPLICATION”, on your home screen then install it after downloading. Then log in to it, fill in all your details and then “START”, click on any show, the message pops up on your screen, asking you to fill in the activation code.

  1. Then go to www.voot.com/activate, to activate the Voot tv, input your code there then fill in the number that you have mentioned.
  2. After completing the whole process, and filling your activation code correctly, click on “PROCEED”.
  3. Then in a few minutes, you can watch your Voot t.v on your android t.v.


How To Activate Voot T.V In Samsung Smart T.V?

Samsung TV is the most popular smart t.v in most Indian households. Samsung creates its high brand value, and it is affordable too. So now we get to know, how can we easily activate Voot tv on Samsung smart t.v.

  1. Click on the HOME TAB, find the icon on the left side of your screen, click on it.
  2. Type “VOOT”, download it and then install it. A few seconds later till your app is installed after then open it.
  3. Follow the steps, then mention them and then receive the code.
  4. And then enter the activation code in the box, and click on “OKAY”.
  5. Your Samsung smart t.v. is now ready to flow in the programs of Voot t.v.

How To Activate Voot T.V in Apple Smart T.V?

Apple tv is the most popular in the categories of smart tv, people buy it for its good quality and great brand name, things are always easy when we use apple products. So let's get to how we activate Voot tv on your apple smart tv:

  1. Open your smart apple tv.
  2. Look for your Voot tv in the entertainment section of your tv.
  3. Install the Voot application, and then open it.
  4. Now the main task, you need to place a voot coupon in the app.
  5. Open the browser you use, go to the voot activation code
  6. Then sign up to Voot tv, fill in all the necessary information, and then lastly the screen will ask you for an activation code.
  7. Fill in the proper activation code.
  8. Now click on CONTINUE, and then follow the next following instruction that appears on the screen.
  9. After completing the whole thing, that can be done in under 10 minutes. You are ready to watch all your favorite shows as you want.
  10. Now your apple smart tv is ready to do bingo with Voot tv. ENJOY.

How To Activate Voot T.V On Amazon Smart T.V?

Fire tv, now the same process. Install the Voot tv application on amazon fire tv.

Open it, the screen will ask you to fill out the activation code.

  1. Apply the code or go to www.voot.com/activate.
  2. If the activation code still does not appear then click on any show and then follow the further procedure of activating the code in Voot tv.
  3. The activation code will expire in 15 minutes, so you get things done quickly.
  4. If the code expired, the generated a new one. 
  5. After completing the whole process, watch any Voot tv program on your amazon smart tv.

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Why Can't Activate Voot TV On My Smart T.V?

After following all the above steps correctly, then also find the problem in activating a code on tv, when you installed the app and fill all the necessary information, then also you figured out a problem;


  1. The activation code that you put might be wrong. So check your activation code again.
  2. The website is not working clearly; visit it again and again;
  3. https://www.voot.com/activate

  4. Reset your password; to get access.
  5. Mail your problem to; support@voot.com

Why Voot TV?

As giving the overview of the Voot application, at the start of the blog, I assure you about why this application is one of the best in video streaming services. Where it is used most and its prominent ways to use it.

But why, why only Voot?

  1. Voot provides you a function to select your best quality video as per your internet speed. 
  2. It is available in many regional languages of India, such as Hindi, Kannada Gujarati, Marathi Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, and Marathi. And it's also available in English for the people of the United States and other countries.
  3. It doesn't give so many advertise ments to irritate the user. And it also supports Chromecast.
  4. Voot TV provides more than 15000 films and different shows mainly occur on colors tv, MTV, and a cartoon channel nickelodeon.
  5. Voot tv provides 45000 hours of video streaming that the user can watch anytime, anywhere.
  6. Voot provides you an efficient service of downloading the programs and shows, at your convenience.

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Must Watch Shows On Voot TV:

1. ASUR :

Released in 2020, a must-watch crime thriller web series, to get into a bucket of best thriller in modern world drama. Directed by Oni Sen that took through a great actors like Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti. The best acting of Arshad Warsi for so sure, and it surely makes every one of his fans. His character name is Dhananjay, a great CBI officer who gets mixed and fussed into her wife's murder mystery.

Tons of tons unfolding things, that connect through spirituality form also, with a perfect combination of dialogue delivery and marvelous acting of every character. And surely these all things, make this series a one-of-the-best series in voot tv.

The IMDb rating is 8.4. And perfectly depicts why this is best and everyone should watch this. Surely while watching it, it will hook the audience till the end and it also thrills you to wait till next season. After a long time, an amazing thriller to watch between a forensic team and a criminal, the past life of criminal and remarkable acting of Barun Sobti, played as a character of Nikhil. The whole film is revolving around two worlds, and it is a mixture of science and ancient Indian mythology. It gets so many positive reviews from the fans and critics, and surely it’s a must-watch thriller film to everyone.

2. The gone game:

A great series with only 4-episode in a whole season with a time limit of 25-30 minutes of each episode, a film simply shows that it’s a great experiment with the use of social media in the time pandemic too. Actors like Sanjay Kapoor and Arjun Mathur played the main character of a show, directed by Nikhil Bhat.  A strong thriller full power-packed film, containing a story of Gujral's who find different ways to connect to there at the time of pandemic through social media. But their life slows down when they find that their son has disappeared. They freaked out that they all think that they lost him due to a virus, but the story turns around in a different way, where they all find so many false secrets about their family member.

The story turns a well-round towards the crime, emotion, and modern family drama. The story simply shows that the situation is worse than it seems to be. The four-episode series is full of amazing acting from these actors like Shweta Tripathi, Sanjay Kapoor, Arjun Mathur, Shriya Pilagaonkar, Rukhsaar Rehman, Indraneil Sengupta.

3. The Raikar case:

Actors like Atul Kulkarni, Ashwini Bhave, Neil Bhoopalam, Parul Gulati. Shows an interesting story that revolves around a Raikar family. The full family shows turn negative and darker when their youngest son, died. They all first declare that he suicide, but as the investigation began, the dark secrets came out, which breaks the Raikar family. So many secrets revolving around the family, the hidden truth about the family. Each member has a solid reason to kill a teenage boy.

The police uncover so many hidden truths and so many remain hidden too. What will be the real truth? Suicide or murder? And who did this? And why? So many questions to discover, felt interesting? It Feels more interesting when you watch it.

4. Marzi:

The great ongoing thriller asked a question. Every scene starts with a question and also ends with the next question. Who knows the answer? Actors like Aahana Kamra and Rajeev Khandelwal play the main character in the story. It simply plays the character of Anuraj and Sameera. They both date each other, but one day an incident happens and everything changes. They both declare their side stories. What the truth is, nobody knows.

Sameera says that his boyfriend raped her, and Anuraj says, he is just an innocent person and says NO to accept all these facts that happen that night.  The powerful acting of both of them, with a strong story of a modern time, where you can’t say who is right or wrong. The fine dialogue delivery and a great ending, make this series on this list.

5. It’s not that simple:

Modern life love is getting more and more complicated. We modern people just wanted to try every new thing. And that’s only the movie containing a modern life marriage. Actors like Swara Bhaskar, Vivan Bhatena, Karan Veer Mehra, Sumeet Vyas, Purab Kohli, and a few others. The story revolves around a household female who is just not very happy with her married life. But her life turns when she goes to a school reunion and she finds so many new things from her past only.

Things are changing around her family life, and her desire and want towards her life and betterment of future. Solving all her complications is mainly the theme of the story. The great acting of Swara Bhasker, made this movie to get to watch as soon as possible.


Must Check - FAQs

1. How to use voot coupons?

Visit the voot select store, click on any deals and offers that are available, and then add the items you want to purchase in your cart, then after the whole selecting part of what purchase or whatnot. When you pay, use the voot coupon for further deduction in your final amount.